Number 9 - The Philosophy of Donald Trump

This week we look at the philosophy of politics and particularity the Donald Trump train.

Is this a good thing or a bad thing?

The challenge for your writing is to assign a position (for or against Trump). It would be great if you challenge your own perception and try and write a detailed response that goes against what you believe. Or we could just end up with a list of supremely negative personal attacks on Trump, and most likely be sued. 

I say bring it on!


William Montgomery said...

I've chosen to take the perspective that Donald Trump is what's right for America, despite the fact that I disagree what he says on a moral level, I do agree with the evidence I am about to present from a fully economical standpoint.

Donald Trump is first and foremost not a politician, which is why he is exactly what the United States needs, Donald Trump is a business man. He understands how to influence the media and be a thought provoker because he understands businesses, he understands marketing and he understands brand synergy. Whether or not how he acts is a falsely constructed representation to gain attention, there is still no denying that this representation works, as it clearly garners media attention, which in turn feeds the mouths of the entertainment hungry people in an America becoming obsessed with absurdity. Donald Trump understands this because he is a business man, he isn't caught up in the zeitgeist of media obsessed world yet he understands how to use it and twist it in his favour. This is made clear in the second video we watched detailing how as his media attention went up, so too did his polling. But why does America need such a cunning business man? The answer is clear when you understand that whilst they parade about enjoying their so called freedom they are a country in 14 trillon dollars of debt, they are a country who spends half their budget on a military, a country built on capitalism yet controlled by the government. Who better to fix these issues than ruthless business man Donald Trump himself an economics guru in every sense of the word. He believes in American exceptionalism and he upholds the traditional values of the American dream. It is clear that while Donald Trump's destiny as president is not to change the world, but merely to do what he does best: make money.

I could write more but I'm a busy guy. I agree with everything I have said but overall I do not agree with D. Trumps views and ideas outside of economics, and he's ultimately a douchebag anyway.
Cheers, Willz xxxx

Lilly Zhang said...

How does the Donald, mogul, son of a Trump and a- no.

Donald Trump is currently the projected winner for the Republican presidential candidate, and taking media by storm. As shown through one resource, he has over 2000 articles about him since he announced his campaign made through CNN.

Well, first of all, the video made projected percentages seem very capitalistic, which is probably why he thrives in the media. Capitalism is what his power lives upon. He made money off a social construct that makes those who are winning win more, and the losers… well, good luck!

However, I find it’s pretty hard to ignore all la poubelle coming out of his mouth, and while some seem to just be crimes against humanity, they’re what are winning him public favour. He may say the most ridiculous and uncensored things ever, but no one else has been brave enough to suggest his opinions. Threaten the potentially innocent families of terrorists and all that? If they want to go in guns blazing, I don’t understand why you’d aim another one. I’d suggest stricter gun laws. Maybe there won’t be daily shootings then…

Also, after watching a few videos, some of these the resources, it has become clear what his strategy is, whether intentional or not. He voices everything that has been either unsaid or said too quietly, like that one loud, uncensored person in the room (shoutout to Matt G) and starts the momentum countdown. From there on in, no matter who else voices it, it will always be forgotten, only linked to the memorable one - the first one.

Either way, hopefully his momentum runs out soon enough. I don’t know if there’s any better substitutes for him (Cruz being the the Zodiac Killer (???) and Rubio being a personified waterfall is all I understand. Maybe it drips like limpid tears) but surely someone less popular is better? Then maybe America can have a Democrat win, whether it be Bernie or Hillary. I will go to say Bernie’s campaign probably looks better on paper, though, like all socialist ideals (sorry Russia/China/Animal Farm, you’re to blame for this perception) and Hillary took a stab at Trump as well, fighting as an advocate for families and other things that I forgot. Hillary vs. Bernie, you decide.

I also tried to justify Trump, however, but it wasn’t easy. Here is what I managed.

Firstly, he isn’t afraid to voice his opinion, no matter how irrelevant or personalised. This means that his campaign is funded purely on honesty, because politics doesn’t need any more rose-tinted glass.

Secondly, his brutal honesty has shown he will fire back immediately and without fear. His suggestions, though sometimes violent or at risk of being rebelled against by the army he wants to fulfill them, illustrate his trigger-happy state, therefore meaning he can cause fear. This would mean that he could instill enough fear into all those countries that cause so much fear, and scare them off!

Next, he isn’t afraid to keep races known for publicised terrorist acts out of the country! Awesome! Wow! Because those who need to seek asylum are too dangerous to let into the country, and America can’t risk anything. Look at 9/11, the Paris attacks, the Boston Bombings and the Sydney siege. Terrorism is a concept which is still very much alive in this century, because we move forward with innovation but not the compassion needed to kill this ideal. Trump is willing to restrict who gets let into his country to keep his country alive.

Finally, he knows how to create wealth. From billions of dollars in debt (eight! Like, what could you possibly buy to be eight billion dollars in debt??) to having a net worth of billions! His economic background means he could possibly pull America out of their debt, or at least create the foothold for them to start climbing. Who knows, maybe he could actually find a long-term plan to defeat their monetary issues, and solve others instead of the common opinion of him creating new ones :)

Aneesa 2ENZ said...

I find it very interesting what Drumpf (aka Drumpf) is doing to this America, and to this world. He has already caused so many changes, both obvious and subtle.
For example, he has brought down the wall between politicians and normal citizens. Usually we just look on at government, not understanding it fully, knowing they are lying to us or keeping secrets or knowing far better than we do. But Drumpf, in all his psychotic craziness, has proved to the world that politicians are just... people. That anyone with any ideals from any background can get in to parliament. And I feel like this is very important, one of the few good things about this current mess of an election. For example, a politician such as *thinks of random example* - Hillary Clinton, seems like her whole life has been dedicated to being a politician, and that because of that, we normal people wouldn't have a chance, or much hope to affect the government in any way. But that a person like Donald Drumpf, someone who has done so many other things, and does NOT seem like a politician at all, just might be president - I think that it is bringing down the way we look at government, and at politicians, and it just might inspire a few more people to take action for their country, knowing that if Drumpf can make it, they might be able to as well.
Also, as said in the video, Drumpf is bringing people together. He is unveiling the lies and telling America the "truth" for once, (not that its probably not the actual truth, but America feels that exaggerated claims about the faults of the country are better than the lies that America is perfect, which is arguably true), and by shaking politics up so much, he could maybe the way that politics is built today - on foundations of lies and secrets.
Another thing Drumpf is doing is engaging people in politics. I have never kept up with either America OR politics as much as I am now doing with both. Drumpf is drawing the public's attention to politics, making them think about what is right and what is wrong in politics, and making them actually consider their actions (their vote), in comparison to the sheep vote that many voters usually give. For example, as for me, if I lived in America I would be much better educated in politics than ever before, by having to keep up with what different politics are doing well and not so well, so that I can critique them and form my OWN opinions of them. By being so absurd, Drumpf is making people think about politics for once, which is actually pretty good.
Overall, the unusual-ness and absurdity of Drumpf has totally shaken up how normal people see politics, governments and politicians. This drastic change actually does have many benefits, and this spanner in the works of such a usually smooth-ish running process that is government could be just what America needs to make them re-think themselves as a people and a country. However, these ideas that I am mentioning are beneficial for America while Drumpf is just in the election, but if he were actually in parliament as president that is a whole different story (and not a good one). So I feel like there are benefits to a person like Drumpf entering and surprising the political world, if only to shake up the world a bit, but now that he's done his role, he can leave now, thanks. Please. Get out, Drumpf.

Benjamin Broadbent said...

Donald Trump is just a Facade

Full Definition of facade

1: the front of a building; also : any face of a building given special architectural treatment /a museum's east facade/

2: a false, superficial, or artificial appearance or effect

Clearly he is not a building (and ironically a lot of Trump buildings/towers/resorts are now in receivership e.g they were found out ot be financial disasters). I mean Donald Trump is a person who presents an artificial/superficial appearance, one which is drastically different from his true self. Donald Trump is false.
This idea came to me as I was listening to one of favourite musical soundtracks, that of: Jekyll & Hyde. The story is based around a man who presents himself as worthy and righteous but is in his own way a beast of a human, a monster, a man who knows no morals, but possesses the peculiar strength of displaying to others an outright virtuous personality. It disgusts me. The musical talks about how many people who somehow become prominent members of society are in fact downright scum. Priests who are paedophiles (is that too dark for Philosophy club?, I’m sorry), lawyers who are liars, politicians who are self-interested, and philanthropists who are murderers. Donald Trump is a facade-politician who appeals to the masses to advance his own (useless) self-worth.

Below are the lyrics to a song entitled “FACADE” from Jekyll and Hyde that speaks volumes about the sort of person I perceive Donald Trump to be. It is a great read, even better song (yes that is David Hasselhoff)

There's a face that we wear
In the cold light of day -
It's society's mask,
It's society's way,
And the truth is
That it's all a façade!

There's a face that we hide
Till the nighttime appears,
And what's hiding inside,
Behind all of our fears,
Is our true self,
Locked inside the façade!

Every day
People, in their own sweet way,
Like to add a coat of paint,
And be what they ain't!

That's how our little -
Game is played,
Livin' like a masquerade
Actin' a bizarre charade -
While playing the saint!

But there's one thing I know,
And I know it for sure:
This disease that we've got
Has got no ready cure!
And I'm certain
Life is terribly hard -
When your life's a façade!

Look around you!
I have found
You cannot tell, by lookin' at the surface,
What is lurkin' there beneath it!
See that face!
Now, I'm prepared to bet you,
What you see's not what you get -
'Cause man's a master of deceit !

So, what is the sinister secret?
The lie he will tell you is true? -
It's that each man you meet
In the street
Isn't one man but two!

Nearly everyone you see -
Like him an' her,
An' you, an' me -
Pretends to be
A pillar of society -
A model for propriety -
An' piety -
Who shudders at the thought
Of notoriety!

The ladies an' gents 'ere before you -
Which none of 'em ever admits -
May 'ave saintly looks -
But they're sinners an' crooks!


There are preachers who kill!
There are killers who preach!
There are teachers who lie!
There are liars who teach!
Take yer pick, dear -
"Cause it's all a façade!

Benjamin Broadbent said...

BT CONTINUED (Sorry we can only post 4000 characters on the new website) Just do this!!

If we're not one, but two,
Are we evil or good?
Do we walk the fine line -
That we'd cross if we could?
Are we waiting -
To break through the façade?

One or two
Might look kinda well-to-do -
Hah! They're bad as me an' you,
Right down they're boots!

I'm inclined to think -
Half mankind
Thinks the other half is blind!
Wouldn't be surprise to find -
They're all in cahoots!

At the end of the day,
They don't mean what they say,
They don't say what they mean,
They don't ever come clean -
And the answer -
Is it's all a façade!
Is it's all a façade!
Man is not one, but two,
He is evil and good,
An' he walks the fine line
We'd all cross if we could!

It's a nightmare -
We can never discard -
So we stay on our guard -
Though we love the façade -
What's behind the façade?
Look behind the façade!

That aside, Barrack Obama (A man I have more respect for by the day (and now more than ever lament the fact you can only be US president for 8 years (2 terms) max), and who deserves a Democratic win in 2017) **(whoa triple brackets, I haven’t seen that since maths)** is the best person to weigh in on the suitability of Donald Trump for president.

The day before Super Tuesday (the day when 3 large americans states vote for their preferred republican/democratic candidates) ***(I feel americans vote on things a lot?)*** Barrack (I can call him that) released the most genuine video I have seen in a long time, explaining why Donald Trump is not suited for American presidency. It is worth a watch This is the type of person we need in politics; Donald Trump and the republicans stand no chance and frankly do not compare to Bernie & Hillary. And don't even get me started on Ted Cruz & Ricky Rubio.

Yours Facadingly-


Benjamin Broadbent said...

Haha* Marco Rubio not Ricky Rubio (He plays Basketball in the NBA for the Minnesota Timberwolves, I don't think he is running for president, although now I wish he was)

Shine Wu said...

I'm going to begin by saying that I am a Donald Trump supporter, but before you begin to judge me, you should know that 80% of my support for Trump comes from a purely comedic level. Trump is a comedian, which is why I enjoy watching him.

Now, since most people hold strongly negative views towards Trump, I’ll begin my defense of Trump, which isn’t actually that hard! I’ll begin by defending his publicity and his media portrayal. I can agree that Trump isn’t the most politically correct person who stays as true as he can to keeping a positive public image. However, his whole campaign strategy is to get as much media coverage as possible, use this coverage to insult people, and get more media coverage. This cycle just continually repeats. This probably sounds a bit absurd, but it is the essence of his campaign, and why he chose 2016 to run. Trump has had a long history with politics, in fact, he first began flirting with the idea of a presidential run back in the 80’s, when he was still married to his first wife! Back then, when people asked him why he wasn’t running for president, he always said that he was too controversial, proving that he knows exactly what the media and public think of him. Now, after the last 8 years with Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, Trump has seen a hole which he can exploit; Romney isn’t running, Obama can’t run, Hillary Clinton has been under immense scrutiny for her email scandal, and the American people have seen their country begin to stagnate. This, coupled with the fact that he’s running against first term senators in his own party amounts to Trump launching a run for the presidency himself. Now, after the last 24 years of presidents with Bill Clinton and his sexual adventures, George W Bush and the Iraq war (and 911), and Barack Obama with his economic policies and Obamacare, the American people are sick and tired of standard establishment politicians. This is why Trump comes along with his loud voice, and sends a clear message to America: “I will fix our country”. When Trump began to defend the size of his penis last Friday, Trump sent a message which was already synonymous with his campaign, “I don’t care what you say, I’ll get the headlines.” This is the essence of any presidential campaign; politicians do whatever it takes to get headlines, and the way this has been achieved thus far is through optimizing one’s public image. Trump is doing the exact opposite, which is extremely effective, but is also new, and since it’s new, people won’t completely accept it. Public image is simply a mask, hence why I don’t believe that other politicians are really any better than Trump is.

I will write more on this tomorrow, defending Trump’s actual views on what direction America should be heading in, but for now, to conclude this lengthy comment, remember that Trump’s whole campaign strategy is simply garnering a negative public image, with as much time in the spotlight as he can get, and like all other politicians running for president, a strategy is only a strategy.

Shine Wu said...

Also, just adding to my previous comment, I completely agree with Mr Broadbent that Donald Trump is presenting a version of himself which is absolutely not congruent to his true self, but we need to look at the bigger picture: who does? Is Hillary Clinton presenting her true self? For all we know, she could play a major role in Bill Clinton’s sexual scandal. Is Ted Cruz presenting his true self, and is he not self-interested? Just last month, in the Iowa caucus’, he stole votes from Ben Carson by telling voters that he had dropped out (falsely of course). The truth is, nobody presents their true self to the public; each and every one of us wears masks. I would go as far as to say Donald Trump is presenting a truer and sincerer version of himself than any other politician running this year, purely based on how he presents himself to the public. Every other politician runs heavily decorated in makeup to make them appear as politically correct, morally impeccable, non-judgmental and selfless as possible. However, this is clearly not true, and we only have to look as far as John F. Kennedy to see how deceitful public image really is.

Shine Wu said...

I would now like to discuss Donald Trump’s policies, and his views of how America should be run. Before I begin, I would like to mention that some of these views will be heavily influenced by my conservative and Christian values. I won’t go into the details of his tax plan, but it is very clear that the essence of his tax plan is to simplify the tax code, provide tax relief for middle class Americans, lower taxes, and grow the American economy. Trump is eliminating the death tax and marriage penalty, which I heavily agree with, because why should you be taxed just because some dies, or you get married? If someone in your family dies, you should be able to keep their money, because they earnt it for you, not the government, and if you get married, you shouldn’t be taxed just because you now live with your wife/husband. Talking about marriage, I also agree with Trump’s, and any other conservative’s views on marriage rights; marriage should be between a man and a woman.

Moving on to Trump’s immigration reform policies. I think everybody knows what his plan for dealing with immigration is. Firstly, build a war on America’s southern border, then deport 12 million illegal aliens, and finally, give American workers more jobs, better wages and better security. Most people know about the first two parts of the plan, but they don’t realize that he intends on giving the extra jobs and wages to legal American citizens. Now, assume that a wall is built, and the illegal aliens are deported, then I agree 100% with Trump’s plan because legal Americans shouldn’t get their jobs and wages stolen by an illegal criminal. However, the problem is that Trump doesn’t have any plan whatsoever to deport these 12 million people, and it’s never going to happen! He simply doesn’t have the ability to pinpoint every illegal immigrant, their families and deport them all back to where they came from. So I agree with Trump’s plan from a moral and legal standpoint, but I don’t agree with it from a more realistic and practical standpoint.

To conclude, Trump’s tax plan accomplishes his goals for the country, and simplifies the tax code significantly for the lower and middle class, but his immigration policies are only half achievable. I would discuss his views on healthcare, trading and the second amendment, but I’m off to study Brahmagupta's formula!

Emily Hollis said...

Donald Drumpf, the supremacy of all stupidity that had a disgraceful reign over what we know, challenging our every belief. Hours could be spent analysing every facet of this admittedly notorious (for better or worse) entity, but truth be told a figurehead such as this man could only exist in our world because we created him. Yes, he inherited millions from his late father, created a myriad of failed sub-companies over the years and even had his own reality show but we as the public know, we all know that Trump can only exist when we want to see him. Would a show such as 'The Apprentice' exist with no eyes and no ears and no conscious mind, however much we passively absorb the grotesque, yet oddly entertaining rubbish that is considered real life? What is the definition, then, of a 'real' man, a 'real' business, a real person, perhaps? For though Trump’s supporters would forever be in denial we all are aware of what Trump provides our deprived, bored, overworking minds. Freedom from boredom. Our world spirals past our very eyes every day, a new event, a mass shooting, two deaths, a paraplegic accomplishing some great yet totally unnecessary feat in lieu of simplicity. Human nature, especially the development of knowledge, requires more. It is the very essence of our skin which emanates a lust for knowledge. Extra intelligence can never go astray, or does it? What does Donald Trump give us? 'Honesty'. For honesty is what we want to hear, always. We want to hear something different from every political campaign ever written, probably a couple of fresh lies spun as the hard truth which is not what the world is at all. Three years ago, the thought of Trump as president would be comical. Yet here we stand, battered by the swiftly moving world that gains speed as we eliminate every obstacle that stands in it's way; technology, labels, etiquette even - and we turn to Trump. A symbol of hope. A symbol of a new beginning. A symbol of someone with refreshing ideas who has no political influences and is as innocent as a controversial comedian. We need to get rid of ISIS? Let's murder the innocent families, that's a new idea! We need to wake up, because not only it is insulting to people like Obama who truly carry their genuine persona like penance, who truly want equality (is it so hard to ask for??) it insults who and what they stand for because it degrades and condescends honesty in substitute for a new highly opinionated and often racist ideas being enforced on Americans who need a cure for their boredom.

What is the answer? A scapegoat. Like the entity shrouding Obama's apparent inability to cut off mass shootings, we need to see someone attach something less comical to a comical figure. To degrade his own persona in a way that is permanent and unable to be relinquished, not ever forgivable. For this will divulge every other issue that Drumpf brings alongside his solid identity which is what Americans are voting for, not his party. People vote for Drumpf, not the Republicans and identities have a habit of embedding themselves much too deeply into minds of passive minded proletarians. Dictatorship, communism and extreme socialism, every aspect of the candidate adhered to a new form of corruption. Once Drumpf the Candidate and Drumpf the Man lose their facades and merge, America's reaction could well end the identity that is Donald Drumpf and his rather psychopathic followers (not you Shine).

Emily Hollis said...

I actually have more to say I'm sorry
I have to be fair, I guess. Donald Trump has done one significantly good thing for the country and that is shed light on the obviously layered corruption upon which America lies on, and has done for years by unveiling. I can't deny this. Politics and people are multi-dimensional and therefore can not be perceived and judged in black and white. I agree with Aneesa on the idea that politics has never been more exposed; we have an absurd entity parading through America, waiting for a reaction, waiting for the media to account something highly controversial and lay claim to it, to prove nothing else but he is powerful, a media maniac. He knows exactly how to twist the portrayal of himself to the outside world, but this is what we want to see, so we see it. It's there for us to watch because Trump has a slightly worryingly powerful grip on America from the sidelines and people want power. If someone as anti-political as you'd expect a reality star to be can manipulate an entire country so easily, his powers must be endless!

Yes, as Mr Broadbent mentioned, Trump is a facade. He lets this version of him be presented in the media which has this enormous power and grasp. But when the real Drumpf takes off the mask, what power does he have against intelligence, real intelligence accumulated with experience and perception? Sometimes facades, however, are the only way we can survive in such a dominating world. We are afraid to let people see our true, genuine selves because people tend to have weaknesses in awkward places because people are people and people are not machines. Obama threw away his mask long ago, and look at the way he is being treated for it. It's disgusting to see Trump openly oppose someone so genuine. Trump is not a genuine figure. If he is, then he is not a real person. People, as we all know can fail and sometimes people want to (desperately) cling to the idea that failures can cease. "Make America great again" because America has succumbed to Obama's apparent humane issues, and Donald Trump's facade will crumble when it is finally revealed as flawed. I can't wait :)

Lilly Zhang said...

So after reading Mr Broadbent's comment with him copying and pasting the lyrics of Façade, I was inspired after being reminded of the lyrics to another Broadway song. It’s “The World Was Wide Enough” from “Hamilton” (good musical. More where this came from) and it’s the song in the musical that illustrates legacies coming full circle.


Alexander Hamilton, the title character, based off his historical counterpart as all “Hamilton” characters are, goes through a kind of monologue where he reflects on his life and those he loved and knew over the course of time/the musical. Through it we see him redefining his legacy, which he worked so hard to manipulate into what he wanted.

“If I throw away my shot, is this how you’ll remember me?
What if this bullet is my legacy?

Legacy. What is a legacy?
It’s planting seeds in a garden you never get to see
I wrote some notes at the beginning of a song someone will sing for me
America, you great unfinished symphony, you sent for me
You let me make a difference
A place where even orphan immigrants
Can leave their fingerprints and rise up
I’m running out of time. I’m running, and my time’s up.”

Through it all, he realises how his time was spent, writing non-stop (51 Federalist Papers in 6 months) and when tied into the final song, the audience finds that kind of epiphany where you realise you can leave a legacy, and everything you do, but you don’t know how they write it, who tells your story, and how they tell it. When you die, you lose control, and there’s no stopping people from giving you the light they see fit to give. This is extremely evident in another part of the song, which is when Aaron Burr (the guy that shot Hamilton in a duel*) thinks about what he’s done.

“History obliterates
In every picture it paints
It paints me and all my mistakes
When Alexander aimed
At the sky
He may have been the first one to die
But I’m the one who paid for it
I survived, but I paid for it
Now I’m the villain in your history…”

Here, he has mostly been remembered for shooting Hamilton, which painted him into the antagonistic light, when he could have taken either side. This is how he has been written, and how his story was told. He is the villain, and everything wrong has obliterated the right, because he did what he could to get into power and it ended with a bang.

*Burr actually stopped Hamilton duelling James Monroe, who became the 5th president eventually. Funny that.

Tying this back to Donald Trump, there’s the atmosphere of his campaign that makes me think he will be the next Burr, if he isn’t a living one right now. He gets remembered for all the bad things he’s done, and this overshadows every positive accomplishment he has made. As Shine has said, a lot of his appeal is formulated from comedic appeal, because it’s easier to laugh about what he says than to take it to face value and consider the inhumane consequences. Trump has backtracked on his claim with the torture of terrorist families, because saying it is easy, putting it into action is hard, but reversing the effects of those sentences is improbable. We say words so easily, but reversing those consequences and apologising for what has happened doesn’t come so fast.

Trump seems hellbent on having a legacy that is defined more by moral injustices and brutal levels of honesty. Yes, it keeps him in the spotlight, but it also builds his “painting” of him. Each claim, every promise, they all make brushstrokes that will one day end with what we see and what we’ll say about him. Some people may look at the background, others the subject, and all will regard this painting with different views. Is it beauty? Abstract? Deserving of a place in the trash? Maybe, just maybe, we should have used a different kind of paint, or lost some shadows?

Lilly Zhang said...

Point being that each thing he does, that we do, is not always without consequences. Surely we all have legacies we want left behind, and people to leave them to? Trump’s is his candidacy, his promises, to make differences to America. We can’t fault him for that. Instead, we’ll remember him by what he said. We think of him now as the arrogant, obnoxious, loudmouthed bother, letting anything and everything flow from his mouth. So much is disregarded as important, or otherwise turned into another media headline to cause satisfaction or outrage. The amount of growing dissent he can cause, while somewhat humourous, is also a little worrying. We can laugh at his hair and Cheeto-like complexion all we like, but that doesn’t change the fact that he is outspoken and promises many things that can result in dire consequences, which can one day put him in the shadowed lighting that divides heroes and villains. Still, there’s the other side to consider as well. If he and the things he does becomes beneficial, that will be the new light we see him it. It overshadows and obliterates everything previously said, and no one will remember 2015-2016, when so many people wanted to drop him in the middle of the ocean. They’ll remember instead 2017 and beyond, when everyone sang praises at how he turned things around by being pushy and not waiting for anything.

What is his legacy? What path does he take? Do we start his painting now, and leave it as it is, or can he be remade into a better figure? That’s his problem, isn’t it? Now is the time to leave behind how he wants to be remembered, and compel those around him to give him the light he wanted. No one is left behind, but not everyone is remembered, and those that are may just be the villain in our history. It has its eyes on him, us, everyone. What is the legacy that is left, and what will he leave?

Kayden Borchowsky said...

Even though American politics is not one of my strengths or interests I will try to pose an argument in favour of Donald Trump.

I completely agree with what Mr Broadbent said, that Trump a Facade, as well as what William said, that Trump is not a politician. However in my opinion, just like what the video said, Trump is an entertainer. The key here is the difference between a Politician and an Entertainer. A Politician is someone who is professionally involved in politics, on the other hand an entertainer is someone who tries to hold your attention. They can do this in many ways, the way Trump does it is by amusing you. Trump is a businessman as well as TV personality. To try to win the election it appears he brought his entertaining TV personality to table, after which (Hopefully) his businessman side will be more prominent. Until this, however, you need to, as the saying goes, take whatever Trump says with a pinch of salt.

Before you come running to me saying, "Did you hear what Trump said about Muslims this morning?" or "I can’t believe Trump said that about Woman" You have to ask yourself, is Trump being serious or is he being entertaining? Is this his TV personality talking or his inner Businessman? What is an entertainers job other than to entertain? It is to gain publicity and popularity, even if it’s its bad publicity. If Trump could do this so well, become a household name in a matter of days, while still running his thriving empire could he really just be a racist bigot? There must be more to him. There is no way Trump could have built his empire without just a little bit of knowledge, a bit of know how. He has to be smarter than what he is showing now, but is just trying to be entertaining. We have to asks ourselves, if Trump just talked about business, a very select topic which not everyone is interested in, would we listen to him. If he went on about economics and delved deep into the fine details of it, would we even care? No, our eyes would glaze over, just like when the Form Teacher says, “Goal setting.”

Like everyone Trump has many masks, his two main ones being Entertainer and Entrepreneur. Before getting worked up about what Trump said you need to realise that maybe he could just be trying to be entertaining, amusing maybe even funny in order to gain popularity? Before judging Trump or forming a solid opinion about him we need to see his other side, his serious side, the side that loves America and genuinely cares about the country, he wants to destroy its debt as well as the worlds enemies.The only time we can see this side is if Trump gets into parliament. So far we have only seen one of his masks. Who knows, maybe his other one is just what America needs?

Natasha Scott said...

I still think that Donald Trump is not a good thing for America - and my main reason for this is WWII.
With Adolf Hitler, when he rose to power, he promised to make Germany great again, promised to cure them of the famine they were currently dealing with. This is the same principle that Donald Trump is basically promising them, promising to make America great again and pull them out of the horrific debt they've put themselves into.
There's also the whole thing with the Jews and the Muslims; like Hitler, Trump wants to get all the Muslims to wear badges that IDENTIFY them as Muslims - just like Hitler did with the Jews.
And, just to add on, there's the wall that Donald Trump wants to be built to separate them and Mexico.
With Mexico's money, no less.

Alright, maybe Donald Trump might not start out as such a bad leader; he might actually do some kind of good if he ended up as President.
But, to those who were in my English calss last year, I leave you this motto:
Absolute power corrupts absolutely.