Number 8 - Learning Online. John Green

This week we are exploring the world of online communities and learning. I have a few questions that are part of the response this week? It is about sharing our online personality, as well as an awesome link

1) Are you a regular contributor to an online group/page? Tell us about it- Do you think it counts as real 'learning'?

2) Can you all share a link to one awesome online video you found that helped explain a new concept?


Benjamin Broadbent said...

Really scared
KaydenBorchowsky Sep 6, 2015
I first saw this youtube clip and I thought it was very interesting.

So I kept researching and found this one. It scared me.

I tried to find something that would calm me down and saw this.

It didn't calm me down

KaydenBorchowsky Sep 6, 2015
Forgot to say, these are all about black holes.

KaydenBorchowsky Sep 12, 2015
Arguably the best black hole video ever-

Benjamin Broadbent said...

I present to you the Schwiizertüütsch wooden pole, Baron von Stånchionmërkin!!!11! *polite confused clapping*
PricelandoTheMusical Sep 5, 2015
Khan Academy is one site where you can go to learn literally anything academic and more, though I don't use it often now, because school is nasty and I pretty much suffocate under a sadness lump of (usually math) homework. But yes, Khan Academy is the digital embodiment of 'real learning'.
Even so, I find time to be a regular contributor to the (occasionally terrifying) Tumblr (shhh I know I could use that time to go on Khan Academy), where I have learned a lot of things, mainly involving social issues, which I guess is also mostly real learning. I'm not exactly sure what fake learning is, to be honest. Misinformation? Being taught useless things like how to polish a chair fancy enough for the queen of England? Can I find a video on that for question 2? Or is it kind of like learning fake deep things, like in Paper Towns where Margo's all like "I believe in random capitalization because it's fair to the words in the middle because I'm trying to be deep" even though she didn't actually say it in those words? Hmm.
However, a lot of the Tumblr people need to just chill. Chill a lot. For like a week. There are people getting irrationally mad over the smallest mistakes which is basically ridiculous. I guess they've actually stopped trying to teach people not to be problematic and are now just looking for opportunities to yell at people using the power of caps lock. Maybe it's not real learning, or actually any kind of learning after all.

I can't do smooth transitions so *NEW PARAGRAPH* ha h a hah a haha I'm new to this but I'll probably get better at not sounding like an idiot

This is a vihart video because she's awesome and I love her
in which she explains shapes

Benjamin Broadbent said...

What is the volume for a pizza with radius z and height a? Pi z z a
lilly_zhang Aug 31, 2015
The concept of a paper town starts this whole thing off. Initially, Q believes he is looking for a dead girl in a paper town, where she is folded, scrunched up, and discarded forever.

Over the last year or so, I became somewhat familiar with John Green's amazing works of literature (maybe okay will be our always, anyone?), and I hope that is a sufficient explanation for my flappy arms when he started to talk about paper towns.

Now, in this video, he also talks about the concept of the online communities and classrooms. The internet is where there's a whole ton of learning for anything and everything; you only have to know what to Google. For me, learning only meant a classroom where I unexplainably zone in and out of every lesson while caught in the whirlwind of daydreams, which may have been why I was surprised when something I Iearnt on the internet became relevant in a classroom, or vice versa.

Moving on, we were posed with two questions this week, rather than just letting me ramble about whatever I chose. To answer the first question, yes, I am involved in online communities where I regularly contribute. I’m planning on talking about two of them today, Tumblr and Wattpad. I figure I’ll start with Wattpad instead of Tumblr, since the latter merits a longer discussion.

Wattpad is an online community where users can read and write works, which are shared all over the world. For me, this is typically used to write fanfiction (I’m trying not to feel ashamed about admitting this, but it isn’t working out, so feel privileged I’m even saying this) and get responses back about said writing. I find it does teach me things through the practical side of actually writing, since I can analyse what people prefer reading, what they don’t, and just have a need to expand my English skills. When I go back and compare what I wrote a year ago to what I write now, I find that the storylines aren’t as cliché, and they’re better and more consistent. No longer does everything have to involve a trip to the hospital, or people being drunk.

Now… Tumblr. Tumblr is an online blogging site/mobile app where users can follow others, be followed, and post what they want. Often deemed the dark or weird side of the internet, it can be disregarded by most as a waste of time (it is, like 99.99% of the time) but also has benefits. There are all sorts of educational and interesting posts and blogs on there if you know what tags to search, whether it be a math blog, philosophy blog, or John Green’s blog (fishingboatproceeds, if you were wondering. He posts fascinating stuff). There are also posts on current events, which is how I learnt about the explosions in Tainjin, and others too. People talk about things such as Sandra Bland’s death, which led to conversations on black murders, which led to the internet questioning how serious the corruption within America’s police system is (fun fact: it takes longer to be a hairdresser than a police officer), and that Bernie Sanders is eligible to be president. There are also a new meme basically every week, with some of the last few being breadsticks, Pepe the frog, and John Cena. I spend my time on there following the kinds of blogs mentioned before, as well as a few miscellaneous others, while posting some of my own ignored content, like stories or thoughts.

Benjamin Broadbent said...

As for question two… I scrolled through my entire YouTube history, and the best thing I could find was a video on how to make an apple swan, so here you go:

Unfortunately, I don't have the time or data to continuously hit up YouTube for my daily dose of interesting and weird stuff, so that is the best video I can offer, and before you (don’t) ask, yes, I tried it and failed. Three cheers for me! :D

So, in summary, I participate in the communities of Wattpad and Tumblr, where some of you have thankfully not seen my stuff like the Melonfic because it is forever unpublished, or anything else for that matter. Tumblr is like one man’s trash, another’s treasure, and I’m sorry, but I must leave, because something came up *shoves breadsticks into purse*.

Benjamin Broadbent said...

I'm a Nerd (And We will Rule the World)
natasha_scott Aug 27, 2015